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October 19, 2010
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Claire Season One Cover by GreekMuscle Claire Season One Cover by GreekMuscle
****NOTE!!!!!I do have some Dridders in my story that have the ability to steal the life force of their victims rather then using venom to liquify their prey from the inside out. The main reason is that I feel its originally too much of a graphic concept to illustrate. I'll purpose an official idea in the Felarya Forum soon I think.. through I don't like arguing and one of things that really IRKS me is when people tell me what I CANT do in my story/comics. >: [ *****

Ok so I tried improving my facial expressions/features in this cover, I am pleased with some of the results.

****Note- The Comics will not be released in a chronological order for the most part, this is to keep the reader in suspense, I also might have a poll for what parts of each Season you guys want to see***

Season 1- Deals with Claire as a child being trained by humans and how she grows up and becomes the Dridder Queen.

Season 2- Claire accepts a challenge from a powerful group of Nagas that keep attacking the Dridder Forest. Claire must travel up to northern Felarya to face an ancient Naga who wants revenge for being imprisoned by Claire's mother. Through her journey, she encounters a Naga named, Bell. They eventually become friends and through their hardships and adventures, Claire makes peace with her hatred towards Nagas and now fights for a very different reason.


Season 3- Claire secretly invests in a very popular restaurant in Negav and puts the Seekers of Sineria in charge of it to gather information about Negav's interests towards Felarya. The Seekers have gathered information that Negav wants to expand to the south into the Dridder Forest and some how knows about Claire. Claire decides to setup a way to confront the Ps'isol Magiocrats, but little does she know shes falling into a trap and confronts the Maiden of Curses (Lady Lesona Sister!) who wants to use a powerful curse to use Claire as a weapon for the Ps'isol Magiocrat council! (Season 3 also fills in all the loop holes in the previous two seasons.
Season One Characters- (small description on some characters that are new/need some explaining)

*****Top Row Left to Right*****

Hephaestus (Gramps), The Legendary Dridder Blacksmith- (Character Page: Under construction: Owned by :icongreekmuscle: )

(The name is based off of Greek mythology; Hephaestus is the Blacksmith of the Gods) Hephaestus was a member of the Dridder court during the time Sineria’s mother was running for being the King/Queen. They both competed for the spot and like most Dridders, they ended up settling their matters with a Duel. Sineria’s mother won the fight, and Hephaestus ended up losing his eye sight. As a result he lost his position as a court member. Sineria’s mother sympathized for his lose; causing him to lose his eye sight was unintentional, and decided to give him a job as a Blacksmith helping out making armor and weapons. He had a natural knack for making armor and weapons, even through he lost his eye sight, his other senses became stronger as a result. He can sense things that other Dridder blacksmiths couldn’t when making armor. Due to his enormous power, his spiritual senses become greatly heightened, he could “see” the world through spiritual energy (based off of the idea of having a “third” eye). He was able to imbue spiritual energy, raw power, into the weapons and armor and because of this ability he quickly became known as one of the best black smiths, arguably in Felarya. Making armor and weapons for royalty figures, powerful warriors, and its rumored for the Fairy Queen as well. He designed and constructed armor/weapons for Sineria’s mother when she became queen. When he met Sineria he shivered in excitement, he never met a being with such a strong spirit. Sineria gave him a fairy tell book of a warrior princess with armor, and told Hephaestus that’s what she wants, it really was one of his greatest works. When Sineria took over the throne, Hephaestus mysteriously disappeared realizing her plan and the future war she was going to wage.

In the Story: Claire calls him “Gramps” for short, Hephaestus kept Sineria's mothers armor and customized/restored it for Claire. His current location is unknown, deep underground, its heavily populated with strong energy from the Felaryan Soil itself. There's a training chamber in there that takes the memory and fears of the user training and constructs a spiritual image of it. Claire uses this Chamber to train and it awakens her powers before the fight with Sineria. “Gramps” also gave Claire the weapon Artemis.


“Gramps” is more of the comic relief of the series; he takes a serious matter and always manages to find some kind of humor in it. He is very wise but in most cases is VERY creepy, its just his nature. He always has a big grin on his face no matter what the situation is, some say its because of the enormous energy he feels in the air of Felarya that causes him to have a huge grin on his face. Gramps Secretly has a doll fetish!!!, When the Legendary Blacksmith is not making armor/weapons, his making cute stuffed dolls of different Felarya Races. He also made a Doll of Sineria and Claire!!

Sineria, former Queen of the Dridders- (Character Page [link] ) (owned by :iconkarbo: ). And if anyone is wondering what that blue stuff is that is getting sucked in, its my life force cause this picture drained every ounce of energy in my body T___T haha.

Marcus, Number One Seat in the Dridder Court- (Character Page Under Construction) (Owned by :icongreekmuscle: ). The lowest of the low! He is one of the main evil forces in the series, and is the reason for a lot of the problems in the plot of the story. Marcus is weak physically, his main strength is manipulation and wont hesitate to use someone to achieve his selfish goals. Marcus is the one that manipulated Sineria to wage war and kill her mother, He sent the Seekers of Sineria to try and kill Claire. He schemes to use Claire as a weapon just like he did with Sineria. Marcus despises Naga's, he sent Dridders to destroy Claire's human village and made it look like Nagas did it. He wants to manipulate Claire to accomplish his selfish goal of wiping Nagas completely from Felarya. Will anyone stop this scum bag?!

*****Bottom Row Left to Right*****

Usha, The Crimson Fire Maiden- (Character Page Under Construction ) (owned by :icongreekmuscle:) Leader of a small group of Fire Maidens in the Crimson Forest. Usha hated how secluded her race was and always talks about how powerful proud fairy's should not stay in one place of Felarya. She had a very violent nature to her and love causing trouble, its on a extreme scale even to a fairy. Due to her behavior, her and her follows were exiled from the Crimson Forest. They did what ever they felt like in Felarya, even torturing humans before devouring them. She sees them as lower life forms, lower then food. She enjoys making them suffer, its “amusing” to her. In the story she encounters Master Didier's group, Usha lures his daughter away and has fun torturing her. She devoured Didier's daughter in front of his very own eyes. Usha found it more amusing watching Didier suffer then eating him, and left their group after she had her fun. (I'll make a design for Crimson Fire Maidens, pretty much I have magical flames coming out from their armor. Gonna be SICK!!!)

Later on Master Didier confronts the Fairy's and extracts his revenge, through it is a complete mystery of how a human managed to accomplish killing the Fairy and no one knows how he did it, all what is known that is he returned carrying her head by her antennas and was covered in blood. (I have her in the cover because shes going to be in a lot of flash backs).

Master Didier (Henry de St. Didier), The Master Fencer, (Character Page [link] ) (owned by :icongreekmuscle: )

Claire “DIDIER?!” - (Character Page [link] ) (owned by :icongreekmuscle: ) In the cover page and for the most of season one shes a young teenager. Before she becomes Queen of the Dridders, she was known as Claire Didier and wears an outfit similar to her master/adopted farther.

Kyoshi, Leader of the Seekers of Sineria- despite being human he shares a love relationship with Sineria and is completely obsessed over her. He was personally trained in the usage of powerful shadow magic and was raised/adopted by Sineria (Character Page Under Construction) (owned by :icongreekmuscle: )

Other information

Brissila, The Dridder Capital City (thanks :icontora044: for the name), - Located deep underground in the Dridder Forest, is a huge and mysterious city of Dridders. There are huge towering Gothic structures that tower like skyscrapers. The city itself is very ancient and was around way before Sineria's mothers time. The City has its own lighting coming from up top powered by magical energy and the City draws its power from the Dridder Forest itself, saping the Forests energy and using it to power itself. (so no wounder the forest looks half dead :P )

The Dridder Queen's Shrine, (please note the Queens Shrine is the giant mysterious mansion in the Felarya Wiki [link] ) In the Past, it acted as a shrine for Dridder royalty with a powerful force field where only royalty figures could enter. Through once a year the force fields disappear and the Dridder's used it as a giant ballroom! (That day is equivalent to October 31... Halloween!!!) After Sineria's time, the force field stayed on, and Dridders now despise it because it acts as a memory of Sineria's time and the brutal war she inflicted on Felarya giving a bad name to their race. Ever since Claire became Queen of the Dridders, rumor has it the force field will open up once again, and Dridders will continue to party and dance under the Felaryan moonlight!

The Dridder Court

A Governmental body found in the Dridders City Capital, Brissila. There are 50 court members in total, coming from Nobel and Warrior families. They are extremely ruthless and unmerciful. They are the MAIN reason why the Dridders are seen as evil beings. They have done disgraceful acts, using Sineria to kill her mother, manipulating Claire to hate and destroy the Nagas by sending a Dridder to destroy her human village and making it look like a Naga did it. At first they thought Claire was a threat to their power so they even lied to the Seekers of Sineria, saying that this new Dridder Queen is an abomination of Sineria and must be destroyed. Through some of the court members are part of the court because of their strength, there are others who are are very intelligent. These Dridders are sneaky and manipulative and won’t hesitate to use you to achieve their selfish goals.
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Not yet : /, Its one of my goals to make a webcomic of my characters, maybe one day.
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I really want to read! By the way kick ass coloring skilz!
lol thank you XD
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I look forward to the story :) I wonder if i should come up with something?
what can I say? Looks kickass!Nice job dude^^
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