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November 6, 2010
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Dridder Waltz by GreekMuscle Dridder Waltz by GreekMuscle
I really want to thank :iconblazbaros: for showing me how to draw DA MOON! ^__^
Man.. I know, its a little LATE for a Halloween pic I really wanted to finish this picture for Halloween, but due to depression I couldn't finish it on time.

Hopefully the third and final cover I will be working on will work out good. It will feature a Younger version of Ramtov and Void, and also Lady Lesona as a kid and her sister the "true maiden of curses!" GET HYPED >: ]


In the middle of the Picture is PRINCESS Sineria, before she killed her mother and took over the throne. I wanted her to look happy and innocent because honestly that's how I originally pictured her before the Dridder Court messed with her head.

The Lucky guy that's dancing with Sineria, is part of an elite group of Dridders called the Dridder Royal Guard that's in charge of protecting Dridder royalty. He saved Sineria's life when she was a kid and serves as a protector of some sort. When Sineria took over the throne, the DRG failed to recognize her as the Dridder Queen and disappeared not helping her in the war. They return in the third season of my story!!! (him and his twin sister will be in the cover as well, and I'm not revealing names yet : P ).

Also wanted to add that theres a upper level to the ballroom where the lights are dimed, createing a romantic mood, for more "privet" danceing thats a little less formal XD.

(Quoted from my From Cover one
The Dridder Queen's Shrine, (please note the Queens Shrine is the giant mysterious mansion in the Felarya Wiki [link] ) In the Past, it acted as a shrine for Dridder royalty with a powerful force field where only royalty figures could enter. Through once a year the force fields disappear and the Dridder's used it as a giant ballroom! (That day is equivalent to October 31... Halloween!!!) After Sineria's time, the force field stayed on, and Dridders now despise it because it acts as a memory of Sineria's time and the brutal war she inflicted on Felarya giving a bad name to their race. Ever since Claire became Queen of the Dridders, rumor has it the force field will open up once again, and Dridders will continue to party and dance under the Felaryan moonlight!
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ooo i like this and everbodys having fun! lol i love the heart eyes on 1 girl very funny!
The glowing eyes really make it stand out.
TheLizardLord Jul 23, 2011  Student Writer
newmanaccount Jul 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I love how you did the crowd, it's very convincing. That place really looks packed!
You got to draw a more rock and roll. I funny idea I had while celibrating independance day was to have a bunch of dridders singing the song "Dancing on the Cealing" while doing just that.
haha that would be pretty cool
You can enter the felarian muici festival with it I won't steal your thunder.
Pim18 Apr 19, 2011
Despite my arachnaphobia I have to admit that this looks really romantic!
spiders + victorian outfits = not so scary anymore. Problem solved!
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