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January 13, 2013
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Sineria Redesign by GreekMuscle Sineria Redesign by GreekMuscle
*Warning, has vore, noms, w/e u want to call it and a Angry Pizza obsessed Dridder Chibi lol *

(Characters from left to right)

Isabelle, "Awww I wanted to eat that ghostie! The magic energy I would absorb from it could of gone to a good use" T_T

Sineria, "BURP! <3"

Meadow (decided to change her name back to meadow :P), "Oh my... I didn't know that was even possible O__O.. Being half a spirit I hope I'm not next >__<

Bell, "Now now Claire, pointing your sword is no way to treat your big sister... *Sigh I see Rei is provoking you, I guess I have to gobble her up again : P

Claire, "The hell is wrong with you Bell?! I must kick my sisters big Dridder's ass in the name of PIZZA! I can't believe your seriously protecting her.. Your Ancestors are probably rolling in their graves!!!

Rei, "hehehe that's it Claire, kick her butt and this pizza (its an illusion!!!) is ALL yours. Then I can feed on your negative emotions >: D"

Decided to redesign Sineria cause.. well my character sheet of her is pretty lame (fully body picture) it made no sense heh. I like this version better. I will do a other picture of Sineria when she releases her evil energy with a proper description of her. For right now I will just say she is a powerful entity of negative energy that was absorbed from all the Dridder Queens and the Widowed Mother since the beginning of time.

Rei is a new character she is ghostie! Half spirit and half ghost. In my lore they are actually very different. A wandering spirit that loses its identity becomes a ghost. Several ghosts can merge together creating horrific forms that feed off of negative energy. When a identity emerges from the ghost it slowly reverts back to a spirit. One of the few ways to lay a ghost to rest is by consuming it (which I will explain later when u see more Rei > : D)

Rei feeds off of negative emotions through the use of powerful illusion based magic. Despite how extremely powerful and real her illusions my seem they don't cause any harm to the victim because of her child like personality. When she gets out of line Bell gobbles her up and stores Rei in her second stomach (her tail). Bell absorbs her negative energy that builds up (doesn't completely absorb her ) and releases Rei when she is back to normal. Rei often calls Bell a stupid Pit Naga when this happens!
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hey, with all the time that has passed, did you regain any respect for Karbo, or is that jusst gone permantley?
KipTeiTei Jan 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Whoa really nicely done! Love the atmosphere and the sense of scale you've managed to create. And that sword freaks the hell out of me. Very fitting for a spider!
heh yea she can be scary at times but dont worry she is completely harmless!... for the most part lol : D
Nice a dridder I thought they were all gone. Nice to see one in action. Good work.
Are you a rp character?
I so admire the way you use contrasts in your colouring. It makes your work so stand-out, so unique! Conversely I can't recall ever seeing unshaded works from you before - it's refreshing to see your style flourish outside of the heavy shading pattents :) And, as always, the sense of fashion you give to dridders is just magical :P

I respect your decisions re. Felarya - I don't know enough about the whole affair to do anything other than support what you feel is right for you :) If I may ask: are you going to continue submitting your works to the group as this one has been? I would've seen it anyway as I watch your account but I don't know if everyone does?
well if you look around comments you can get a pretty good idea on how I was treated (and others as well) by the same person everyone apparantly worships >.> I dont think that I will stop submiting but yes I will continue to submit to the group. I wont let one person ruin it even if it took a giant toll on myself and pretty much killed my passion for art.
Apache-shark Jan 16, 2013  Student General Artist
I kinda understand you now, karbo is kinda losing my respect as a good artist.
He now only listens to the ramblings of an idiot who calls himself a fan. This idiot combined
with karbo made me loose respect for him. But whatever thing happens i'm supporting you all the way. Show him who's boss.
Kikijonson Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i really enjoy the way you draw Chibis :D
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